How to Use the Task Manager and the Registry Cleaner

Sun, Oct 3, 2010

Registry Repair Tips

Learn the basic computers tools at registry repair. The Task Manager and Registry Tool are two programs that can boost the speed of your computer if used properly. The Task Manager can be opened by pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Delete buttons simultaneously. The manager shows the unresponsive programs, allowing you to end any of them. It is also through the Task Manager that you can control the processes and programs that are employed by your computer. The CPU usage, as well as the programs that eat much of your PC’s memory, is also shown.

Once you opened the Task Manager, make it a point to ascertain if you have sufficient memory and processor. The status bar will tell you if there is a commit charge. Take note that if your CPU usage always exceeds 70%, that is a sign that you have to replace your RAM soon because a lot of processing power is being used and needed by your system.

Moreover, not all programs are necessary during start up. If you disable them, your computer will be able to boot faster since it would not have to run through the processes entailed by the disabled programs anymore. In addition to that, the systems registry can also be affected if the processor and your systems resources are working much harder. This is because the memory tries to lend itself to fill in the lack of the limited space, thereby resulting in multiple entries being entered to the registry. Such entries are redundant, and they only eat up on space.

This is where a Registry Cleaner becomes important. It has a powerful scan engine that goes over the registry in search of entries that are obsolete and unnecessary. However, the Registry Cleaner does not delete a flagged file right away. It inspects the entries again to make sure that they are really invalid. Upon removal of these unnecessary files, your system will be able to run faster and more efficiently since there is more disk space present and the registry is not as crowded anymore.

The Registry Cleaner also has a backup and restore feature that lets you back up the Windows Registry. This is quite handy should you need to restore your registry to its previous state to sort out a systems trouble. Moreover, it also boasts of a feature that makes it possible for you to pick those programs you want to be up and running during start up. There is also the Browser Helper Organizer feature for easily manipulating items from your browser.

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