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PC Registry Repair

PC registry repairWhy you may need to perform a PC registry repair? Have you ever had a computer freeze on you? You know, that irritable situation when nothing you do to the computer causes a response. Whatever key you punch in, no matter how many clicks on the mouse you do, heck not even the old-trusty ctrl+alt+del trick results to any response from the computer.

What’s even more irritating is when this happens when you are at the middle of doing something very important and you have not saved your progress yet.

So when you do a restart as a last option to revive your PC, you know that your precious work that you spent so many hours working on will just go to waste.

Why Computers freeze and you need to  perform a PC registry repair?

A PC may freeze once or twice and never freeze again. Or it may be more persistent with its freezing habit and freeze on you regularly.

How many times it freezes is not nearly as important as to why it does so. You see, a computer was never meant to freeze like that and when it does you can be sure that a problem is causing it.

A computer may freeze for several reasons. One, your PC may be under virus attack. Or it may require registry repair because too many programs that have been installed may have congested your registry already. Another reason is that your computer may be having some problems with its hardware such as insufficient RAM, or hard disk space so that programs that load on start-up may have trouble starting because they need more memory allocation. Additionally, your computer’s paging file may not be increasing for one reason or another.

All these reasons, and probably some more may be causing your computer to freeze.

How to solve freezing

First thing you need to do is to pin point which of the possible culprits is causing your computer to freeze. You can do that with PC registry repair free scan.

Once you have done that, finding the appropriate solution such as doing a registry repair is usually easy and straightforward enough.

Anti-Virus Scan

If you suspect a virus infection as the cause of the freezing, it is best to do a full system scan of your computer. Follow the advice of the anti-virus software and delete, quarantine, or repair the affected files as needed. Trojans are especially known to slow down PCs and even cause freezing.

It is worth mentioning that your anti-virus needs to be updated and be original to ensure you get the best result from the virus scan.

Additionally, it might be a good idea to run a PC registry repair scan after every antivirus scan to make sure your registry is kept safe.

Check hardware

A faulty hardware, even incompatibility issues among hardware components is also a common cause for computer freezing.

For example, an overheating CPU can freeze your PC so make sure it is always working at the recommended temperature. One way to do this is to make sure that the cooling fan next to it is working properly. If not then have it cleaned or replaced by yourself, or have a professional do it for you.

A computer especially one with lots of memory dependent applications may slow down or freeze if it has an insufficient RAM installed. If you can afford it, go for the highest capacity RAM that your motherboard can accommodate.

The same is true for your hard disk. More is always better in the cases of these hardware components.

Keep your system optimized with a PC registry repair

Just because you have the best hardware and it is virus-free do not mean that your PC will  no longer experience freezing or slowing down.

On the contrary, the more that you use your PC the more that it will be prone to freezing. You see, simple changes you make like installing or uninstalling programs can lead to congestion in your registry which will in turn lead to freezing or slowing down.

The solution is to regularly do a PC registry repair  to keep your system optimized for best performance.

If these solutions fail to get your PC registry repair, then you may have no choice but to bring your computer for servicing by a professional already .

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