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Windows Online Registry Cleaner: Reasons Why Computer Keeps on Shutting Down

Computer users encounter different problems while they are working on their computer-related tasks. The most annoying is when the computer system suddenly shuts down and restarts without any prompt. When these problems occur, the best thing one can do is to diagnose the computer problem and then repair accordingly. The following is the list of the possible reasons why the computer keeps on shutting down. Run a free PC scan on Windows online registry cleaner.

  1. A computer virus attack

The most common cause of all computer problems is a computer virus. The virus gets into the computer and messes up the essential sections of the computer’s operating system, causing the system to restart or shut down from time to time. Installing antivirus software will repair this computer problem. The antivirus will scan the computer for any computer virus or malware, repair it and delete the files associated with it. The antivirus software should be continuously updated so that it will be able to detect and repair new types of virus the computer may acquire.

A Windows online registry cleaner will also be helpful. A cluttered PC registry makes the system prone to acquiring computer virus. A Windows online registry cleaner will aid on registry repair and remove all the unnecessary files that mess up the PC registry.

  1. Power Supply isn’t enough

The computer may also shut down if the power supply is not enough to handle all the running programs and attached devices. Most PC games and other computer programs and applications consume more power than the others. If there is more than one of such programs running, the computer’s power supply may not be enough to cover the power needs of the computer. The power supply can also overheat after being used for very long hours. If the fault is the power supply itself, one might need to install a new one.

  1. When the Motherboard and/or the processor overheats

Another reason for such computer problems to occur is when the motherboard or the processor overheats. The computer motherboard and the processor can overheat when they accumulate dust from a computer that did not have any cleaning. To clean the dust off, open first the cabinet and remove the dust from the computer parts using an appropriate cleaner. They can also overheat when too many applications are running so it would also be good if one limits the applications running in the computer to less than five.

  1. When the setting “Automatic Restart” is on

Some operating systems such as the Windows XP have a specific “Automatic Restart” setting option. With this option, the computer will restart automatically once it detects an error in the system. To rearrange this setting, follow these steps:

  1. Click the ‘Start’ button from the desktop
  2. Select ‘Control Panel’ from the ‘Start’ menu
  3. Click on ‘Performance and Maintenance’
  4. Select ‘System’
  5. Look for the ‘Advanced’ option
  6. From the option ‘Start-up and Recovery’, Select ‘Settings’
  7. Unchecked the ‘Automatically Restart’ from the options
  8. Done!

Windows Online Registry Cleaner Final Words

These are the likely reasons why the computer keeps having the problem of no-prompt automatic shutdown. Most problems are easily solved through a PC registry repair with a Windows online registry cleaner. Aside from the registry repair, it is also important to always check the connection of the power cables to the computer cabinet. As well as to the electric power source. Loose connections can shut down the computer at once.


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